Based on my 25 years of experience leading various communication disciplines in larger multinationals, I have come to realize how the world can truly be a better (work) place when people bring their true selves to work. High performance teams are only reaching their full potential when fearless to ride the waves of constant organizational change.

Lean on me to jump in where I can make a wholehearted impact as an interim leader coaching or supporting the Corporate Communication Team or as a Chief of Staff being your right hand through change. As a certified practitioner in the Fearless Organization Scan, I am able to guide teams through the journey to become a truly Fearless team according to the Psychological Safety theory. Additionally, I am a strong ally for the community of people struggling with mental health at work.



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The Fearless Organization

As a certified practitioner of the methodology by Harvard Prof. Amy Edmondson I can support your team in the journey towards psychological safety in the workplace. Fearless is about creating space for all voices to be heard, it is the permission to speak up and share out of the box ideas and views. A psychological safe team performs better and makes intelligent mistakes to learn as a collective towards more innovation and growth.
By using The Fearless Organization Scan we measure the existing psychological safety index and have the candid conversation about how you as a leader, together with your team, can move towards even more learning, innovation and growth.

In her book, The Fearless Organization, Dr. Amy Edmondson offers practical guidance for teams and organizations who are serious about success in the modern volatile economy. Psychological safety is highlighted as key for organizations to innovate, learn and grow while improving belonging, adaptability and resilience.

The Fearless Organization Scan

Corporate Communications Leader (interim)

With 25 years in-house and consulting experience, I am eager to support Corporate Communication teams in times of transition, change or when new energy and different perspectives are needed. The Communications function is ever changing and as a former Chief of Staff I realize that everything is communication.

Eager to hear about the challenges your team is facing, what winds of change are impacting the team performance and let’s discuss how and in what capacity I can help you thrive and ride out the waves.

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my experience and let’s talk about how I can be of service.



Julie de Widt-Bakker

About me

I am a driven and accomplished global (communications) leader with a strong track record in meaningfully and successfully engaging with internal business and external stakeholders. Is your team feeling blown away by the winds of change and push for innovation, give me a call so we can talk about where I can support. With Salt Water Communications & Culture I am focused on different, but very connected offerings and services.

My best thinking is done while walking on the Dutch beach. The smell of the salt water, the waves crashing onto the shore, it is the perfect way to recharge my batteries or prepare myself for an energetic day. Together with my dogs, I regularly walk the Scheveningen>Kijkduin beaches, perhaps you want to join me?


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I am an ally for people with disabilities, for people struggling with mental health at work. Unfortunately, the topic of mental health at work is still often to be avoided. Reason being the fear of losing your job, limiting career opportunities or simply because of shame. It’s important as a people manager or colleague to feel empowered and equipped to have candid conversations about mental health. It is my personal mission to break this stigma and support a fearless culture that has room for mental health.

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